Starting A New Chapter

Are you looking for a sisterhood bonded by Christ with beliefs and morals similar to your own?

Are you looking for an alternative to a social sorority where growing more in love with Christ and serving others is the center and purpose of the organization?

Are you looking for a tight-knit bond of sisters to support you and encourage you in your daily struggles and to hold you accountable on your college campus?

Are you looking for outreach opportunities and opportunities to serve your community?

Are you looking for information on how to start a GAL Chapter?

If any of these questions ring true to you, then pray about starting a GAL chapter on your campus.

If you desire to start a GAL chapter on your campus, then you’ve come to the right place for information on how to do just that!

The Steps to Starting a New Gamma Alpha Lambda Chapter:

  1. Seek the Lord in prayer if this is something that He wants to have on your campus.
  2. Express your interest by e-mailing the Officer of Training and Recruitment
  3. Before a chapter can be started, the executive council must be in place. This means 6 ladies must commit to being on the executive council through the end of the chapter’s first year. These ladies will be the founding mothers of the chapter and they will all be required to attend the formal interview and leadership conference.
  4. Research how to start a new student organization at your school.
  5. Complete the New Chapter Application and submit it to the National Executive Council.
  6. Arrange a meeting with the National Gamma Alpha Lambda for a formal interview and to get the documents needed to start a chapter at your school.
  7. File the Gamma Alpha Lambda Bylaws and Constitution at your school; once your university has approved Gamma Alpha Lambda, call the Officer of Training and Recruitment.
  8. Attend the required Leadership Training Conference the summer before your chapter’s first rush.

Also, for more information, check out the New Chapter Brochure and the Informational Slideshow.


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