Gamma Alpha Lambda, Inc.
Est. July 28, 2005
National Sisterhood History

The National Sisterhood of Gamma Alpha Lambda was founded during the summer of 2005 by Brooke (McDowell) Bayer and Emily (Brooker) Landis, with the help of Jennifer Collier.  Great passion for the Lord Jesus Christ and the desire to grow as Christian women guided the founding of this organization.  Through much prayer, love, time, and the Lord’s guidance the GAL sisterhood became a reality.

The Alpha chapter of Gamma Alpha Lambda was founded at Missouri State University in the Fall of 2003 on September 16.  The Beta Chapter is located at Northwest Missouri State University and was founded in April 2005.  With the Beta Chapter’s founding, the need for a National organization was established.  The development of the National Sisterhood of Gamma Alpha Lambda demonstrated the evident desire to expand GAL’s mission of promoting Christian lifestyles and making a difference through servanthood, sisterhood, faith, and evangelism.  By offering encouragement and support to college women on university campuses across the United States, stronger personal relationships with Jesus Christ are developed in our members.  Our third chapter started Spring 2007 at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, and our latest fourth chapter started at Missouri Valley College, located in Marshall, MO, during the Fall of 2007.  The Lord is continuing to grow and bless our sisterhood and it is our passion and prayer for us to always glorify Him through our sisterhood.

The first National Executive Officers to serve were Brooke (McDowell) Bayer, President; Emily (Brooker) Landis, Vice-President; Jaime (Nachtweih) Todd, Treasurer; and Kryssi (Buchanan) Kitinoja, Secretary.  The original Gamma Alpha Lambda Board of Directors included Mrs. Gayle Brooker, Chairwoman; Dr. Cheryl Mimbs; Dr. Debra McDowell; Ms. Cortney (Dueming) Costello; and Mrs. Erin Brandt.

The Lord Jesus Christ serves as the driving force of this organization and we know He will continue to bless and protect us as we continue His ministry.  We pray for His wisdom, discernment, and integrity as we fulfill His mission.  May He keep his loving arms around our sisterhood.

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