What is GAL?

We, the ladies of Gamma Alpha Lambda, are a sisterhood bonded to Christ who are growing in our faith journeys, serving with a heart like His, spreading love and sharing our faith with others, and submitting our lives to the Lord.

Vision Areas

The four main vision areas:

Servant hood
Serving with a heart like His. Best demonstrated through service and mission projects to demonstrate God’s love in a practical and loving way to the world.

Sharing the faith as Jesus Christ, our Savior, did with others. Being involved in the community and having a deep personal relationship with the Lord enables members to be prepared at any time to share the gospel. Mission trips with an evangelistic purpose as well as everyday living experiences allow GAL members to share their faith in active ways.

Growing in a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Through Bible study, discipleship groups, and accountability partners, GAL members seek to grow in their faith. As knowledge increases, so does love and zest for our Lord Jesus Christ.

Unity and forming strong bonds within the organization. By having Christ as the firm foundation on which to stand, GAL members are unified through Him. Sisterhood brings GAL members closer together because of the common bond in Jesus Christ.

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